Softball Life Lessons

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Yes, you read the title right….softball helped me build a pool. This week, I’m switching it up #tashatips and sharing some of my favorite features about my new pool and some aha moments. Last year, It’s was quite the experience building my dream pool. I’ve always wanted to own a home with a pool, and when it came time to build it, I never thought I would be tested the way I was.

From sports, I have learned RESILIENCY and throughout the pool project there were CONTINUOUS let downs I had to be resilient with and have a short term memory and move on to solving & fixing the problem so we could continue progress. It was easy to tap into being resilient because there has been MANY let downs through my softball career

COMMUNICATION. I’ve always been shy and when I was younger I would rely on communication as a last resort. Well, obviously playing a team sport you must communicate on and off the field with teammates. It should never be the last resort & always a must at all times. So when issues came up with the build of the pool I couldn’t shy away I had to communicate with the contractor and project manager immediately. I had to express my frustration, wants, dislikes and likes effectively to ensure I got a finished product I wanted.

CONFIDENCE to know that I can get through any situation, although I may not know all the answers. I have never built a pool and had NO idea on the process. I was confident that I was going to end up with a finished product I would like.

Yes, I say all this to share my pool that I’m extremely proud of. It’s a symbol of hard work and dedication but more importantly I want you all to know that being in the thick of things now and going through the ebbs and flows of being an athlete you grow characteristics that are invisible and will be your greatest asset as you go through life and enter the real world.

Have you had some lessons learned from playing softball transfer over into your life off the field? Please share

Natasha Watley