Softball Slap Hitting Drills (Want more Control?)

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Game Changers!!

This week we are getting back to slapping! This weeks #Tashatips I share a wonderful drill that will help your slappers gain more bat control. In this video you will learn how a wood bat will help your athletes feel bat control especially when trying to chop/bounce the ball.

When doing this drill you want to focus on:

    • Stopping at contact
    • Feeling bat lag
    • Where you are making contact on the ball

    What this drill will help, is slappers who have long swings and aren’t direct to contact. The wood bat will allow them to feel how their swing path should be. First have your athletes try this crossed over, then you can progress to having them walk through the batters box. Also make sure you are only doing this drill off of side toss or front toss.

    Happy Slapping!
    Natasha Watley

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