Standing Out

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Hi, Game Changers, and welcome to this week’s #Tashatips!

We all want to shine on the softball field, and that’s especially true when a college coach might be watching. Who doesn’t want to get noticed by her potential dream school?

I’m frequently asked about how to stand out in the recruiting process, and my response might surprise you…

Check out today’s video to hear about:

  • Being your authentic self
  • Working hard to improve your skills and demonstrating that you’re willing to learn
  • Displaying a positive attitude
  • Showing a true passion for the game

As a bonus, I’m breaking down the new NCAA rule that permits coaches to make contact with student athletes starting their junior year. Previously, college softball players were being recruited as young as the 6th grade. Hopefully, this new ruling will take pressure off of young athletes, allowing you to develop your skills and love of the game more organically over time.

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