The Beauty Of Deceptive Slaps

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Game Changers,

I’m on cloud 9!! Well, for many reasons. I just returned from being at the Mary Nutter tournament over the weekend. There were over 30K softball fans there and on top of that I met so many of you guys that said you were a part of the Game Changers community! I was so amped to meet some of you!

On top of meeting you, we saw some pretty competitive games and some awesome triple threats….many using deceptive slaps to trip up the defense.

What is a deceptive slap you say? Well a deceptive slap is where a slap hitter will either flash bunt then end with a slap or even a bunt. You can:

  1. fake bunt slap
  2. Fake bunt-slap-bunt


In today’s #Tashatips, we learn deceptive slaps are beneficial because:

  1. These help trip up a defense: Defenses are taught to read hands, so this will for sure keep them on their toes
  2.  A great timing mechanism:Helps with being on time with funky pitching motions


Once you incorporate these in your game, you will see all types of confusion on defenders faces! Please share if you have tried this yet?

Good luck and here’s to tripping up some defenses!


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