Coaching A Triple Threat

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Game Changers,

Are you just loving all of this college softball on T.V.? I’m absolutely loving it! I have been glued to the t.v. all weekend (even while on a mini vacation). Sorry not sorry! I love the game!

One of my favorite things to look out for is if coaches are giving their triple threats green lights!

Whenever youth coaches ask, should they allow their athletes to read the defense on their own? I always say YES!

This is the fastest way for an athlete to learn and understand what’s their best tool.

When giving a Triple Threat green lights as a triple threat:

-Gives them ACCOUNTABILITY- So she can take ownership on execution and build confidence

-LEARN WITH HER OWN EYES-So she can see the different shifts the defense plays on her, so she can learn fast

-As a coach you can always OVERRIDE-As a coach if there’s a certain outcome you need in a certain situation, by all means you can always override and teach your athlete in the moment.

So coaches, I encourage you to allow players to develop on their own, by their own decision making. Good decision making and execution is what makes the game fun!


Let’s continue building up confident & smart game changing triple threats!!




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