Finding a Triple Threat

 In tashatips

Hey Game Changer Coaches!

Hope everyone had a fantastic Labor Day Weekend!! As we head into a new season are you looking to turn some athletes in slap hitters to eventually become a triple threat? Then this #Tashatip is for you!

It can be hard to identify if an athlete is a good fit to turn into slap hitter. The last thing we don’t want to do as coaches is just turn an athlete to the left side because she was unsuccessful on the right side. As coaches, its your job to be strategic and intentional when hand picking some athletes. Here are a few traits that we talk about that you should look for:

Speed- A definite introductory trait but shouldn’t be the ONLY trait

Athletic- An athlete that is agile and coordinated and picks things up quickly

Hand Eye Coordination- An athlete who is already able to put the ball in play regularly

So Coach, do you have someone in mind? I would love to hear. Please reply and let me know!

Possessing slapping tools immediately makes an athlete a threat when they step into the box. Contrary to belief, slapping is NOT dead and is such a great skill and can 100% enhance an athlete’s game. There’s no coach that doesn’t wish they had a few triple threats in their lineup. So, please select some athletes to cause some havoc on defenses, we need more Game Changers in the world coach!


P.S. I’m teaching a live class on how to build a game changing triple threat and will go more in depth on this topic. I would love to invite you to join. Classes are Oct 1st,2nd & 3rd, sign up HERE!