Hitting Progression Part II- Walk up Drill

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Hello out there, Game Changers, and welcome to part II in our #Tashatips May series about creating a hitting progression routine.

When you approach the plate, whether at practice or during a game, what’s on your mind? Are you focused on your body’s movements? The ball itself? The way you’re holding the bat? Or is your mind wandering to thoughts of your next movie night – hey, we’ve all been there!

This week, we’re learning about working a Walk Up Drill into your warm-up. This drill gets you into the swing of things, quite literally, and will put your whole body into motion.

Check out the video to learn about:

  • The proper placement of your tee
  • Incorporating your entire body into your swing
  • Keeping your weight properly balanced throughout the swing

Implement this drill into your routine today to get more comfortable at the bat. In time, you’ll learn to link your upper and lower body momentums to maximize your swing.

We’ll see you back here next week for another useful drill to add to your training exercise roster. In the meantime, Click the link below to download my sample hitting routine. It’s the perfect action plan to get you practicing effectively and efficiently, and it’s yours for FREE!


Have fun watching, and let me know which drills are your favorites!