What Tools Do You Have?

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Game Changers!

Common question I get is “what exactly makes one be considered a triple threat?” “What tools should a triple threat have to be successful?”

In today’s #Tashatip, lets talk about it! What a triple threat truly means and simply put is having the ability to bunt, slap, hit for power.

When we dive a little bit deeper on this. Where I personally think the tools needed to have success as a triple threat is:

  • To be able to bunt at any time!
  • Have a small game (soft slap and/or bounce slap)
  • Have a power tool (natural swing and or power slap)



No longer are the days where you can be a one dimensional slapper and only posses 1 or 2 of the tools listed above. You must possess all 3 to really have the ability to leverage whatever your strength is.

For example if you’re a great bunter, to really keep a defense on their toes you will have to have a short game slap and power tool to be able to set up your bunts. By having the other tools defenses have to respect your other tools!

Do you have all 3 tools? If not, which one are you currently trying to develop? Post and tag us on our new Instagram Page !!! 

Natasha Watley

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