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Game Changers!

This message should find you all back into your routines and back into your workouts. So sharing a great drill that you guys can incorporate in your workouts!!!

3 Plate timing drill is going to help with timing. Timing is single handedly the challenge I hear most from slap hitters. Believe it or not, timing is the one thing you are always going to have to think about. So got you covered!


For this drill you need 3 home plates or objects to serve as your home plate. Starting with your regular placement of a home plate you will place one home plate 1FT closer to catcher and your last plate 1FT closer to home plate.




The goal of this drill is to get your timing as you move from each home plate. Rule of thumb is you need to start later at the back home plate (near catcher) and start earlier as you move up. This drill is great off front toss, live pitching and machine!

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