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The biggest advice I can give to anyone starting their slapping journey and just made the switch from the right side, is to start and finish you entire at bats on the left side or slap the entire at bat. You may not understand why this is so important and may think that you will have a better chance to get a hit if you go back to the right side after you get 2 strikes (especially if you started your softball career hitting on the right side) or revert back to hitting away. Make sure you watch today’s #tashatip, I share a story about how this prolonged my learning curve in today’s tip.



It’s imperative that you start being comfortable with being uncomfortable. In the beginning, slap hitting is awkward, weird and extremely uncomfortable. So trust me on fighting through getting out of your comfort zone.

Reply back and share how your first couple at bats when on the left side.

Natasha Watley

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