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Achieving Top Team Performance

Entrepreneurs and business managers to salespeople and athletes. Time and time again, collaboration proves a key factor in completing tasks more efficiently. When a group works toward a common goal, it succeeds much more quickly than individuals; utilizing a “hive mind” generates more innovative solutions, opinions, and perspectives. However, working as a team can prove difficult, as each individual must be committed to and connected with their fellow team members. Learn how sharpening your group’s vision, establishing a culture that breeds success, and defining roles can help your team reach its collective goals.

Success on the Field Leads to Success in the Boardroom

Any athlete will tell you that his or her skills on the field have translated into the real world, as well. The competitive spirit is an innate factor in the success of most entrepreneurs and executives. Communication skills, failure management, and patience are all cogs in the ever-churning machine of professional life. These imperative skills can be taught and strengthened through sports.

Creating a Masterpiece Daily

The desire to succeed is all but universal. What are you doing each day to separate yourself from the pack? To truly succeed, you must stand out from the crowd. Never become comfortable with status quo; push yourself and your boundaries every single day. One distraction can set you back several steps. By focusing on the four points of the diamond – Duty, Discipline, Dedication, and Dignity – one can create a daily masterpiece.

Women’s Leadership

Women are innate leaders, from heads of households to heads of massive corporations. However, in a world driven by the male gaze, it can prove difficult to shift perspectives and garner the same respect and opportunities afforded men. How do we, as a gender, rise up against inequalities, break through barriers and glass ceilings, and work to become authentic, inspiring leaders?

Inclusivity of Sports

Inclusion is the gateway to excellence, whether on the field or in the professional world. Growing up in a diverse community and competing professionally in Japan for 8 years taught Watley that working together toward a common goal helped break down barriers. This, in turn, motivated teammates to pursue their passions and succeed. Contributing to the team provided a strong sense of belonging and acceptance. Skill, passion, drive, and expertise lived within each athlete; such attributes crossed boundaries and did not correlate to ethnicity, background, or status.

Coach Clinics

To grow the sport of softball, we must first educate our coaches. From the grassroots level to collegiate and professional levels, if our coaches aren’t improving, neither are our athletes. Natasha Watley has played and competed at every level, gleaning knowledge from the best coaches along the way. In these Coach Clinics, Watley will assist aspiring as well as tenured softball mentors in improving the quality of coaching at the youth, travel ball, and high school levels. Watley uniquely provides both a player’s and coach’s perspectives. Topics covered will include fielding, hitting, slapping, and base running, as well as the psychological aspects of the sport.

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